With compact 3D printers being such a new thing it is hard to predict exactly what people might use it for. Unfortunately, some people in the 3D printing community have other ideas for this new form of at home manufacturing. With the recent rise in mass shooting, there has been a spark of national debate as to whether people should be able to own assault style weapons. This has sent gun owners into a frenzy has they feel like their assault weapons might be taken from them. Fearing a world where the federal government has the upper hand, some people have started to try to use these very printers to manufacture key components of assault weapons. These “ghost guns” have no serial numbers and are undocumented to the government; there is no way of knowing how many exist. This is a huge problem as seemingly anyone with a large enough printer will be able to print out an assault style weapon and these firearms can get into the wrong hands. Ethically speaking, the government is not trying to take away anyone’s guns and there are no really good reasons for someone to own military grade assault rifles. Designers trying to make firearm files should stop and think about how this could negatively affect the industry.